Friday, 30 November 2012

Cat eye

The cat eye. I can not tell you how much I love this look. I really do think it suits everyone because you just alter the width and shape of the cat eye to your own eye. I love how dramatic it makes your make up and I think it can make a simple face of make up look ten times more classy, elegant and put together.

I think my favourite way to wear a cat eye is with a bold red lip and wear it how Dita does. It suits her to no end and I think this is the PERFECT look for her.

Do you like cat eye makeup?!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Favourite trend: Ox blood

I don't think I have loved a trend anymore then I love Ox blood. I think this colour is so beautiful and it is now officially my favourite colour. I love this colour especially in the fall because it reminds me of fall and the leaves in the tree's!!

What is your favourite trend for fall?

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The best: 80's and 90's movies

I don't know what it is about 80 and 90's movies but they are just SO much better. I adore the acting. I adore the themes. I adore the style. I adore how different they are from movies now days. After watching movies like this it is like a beautiful breathe of amazing old fresh air!! I love how most people are not too familiar with these movies and how they are a little different. I also love seeing popular actors/actresses grow up from then to now.

Here is a list of my favourite old movies:

American beauty

Lords of dogtown


The virgin suicides

Ten things I hate about you

Girl interrupted

Ferris bueller's day off

The breakfast club

Sixteen candles




Monday, 26 November 2012

Feel good

This is a really different post to what I normally post but whatever!

I know this seems really cheesy. The thought of looking at pictures with inspirational quotes designed to make you feel good. No one really likes to admit these pictures actually help but I think everyone knows that they do. 

Dealing with depression, anxiety or just plain sadness is something that is pretty horrible to do. Most of the time you just end up feeling lonely, upset and maybe even worse then you did before. 

I am excited for twenty years from now when some crazy scientist develops a happy pill.. (naturally happy.. ) but for now, here are some pictures that help me feel a bit better when I am down.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Perfect homes

I love looking at pictures at beautiful houses and rooms and well anything that looks cool honestly. I'm not sure why. It is just kind for fun for me to look at really nice things and pretend I am rich enough to live in  or to have them! I feel like blogging about this makes me a little less pathetic... please tell me someone else does this!


Saturday, 24 November 2012


Okay. I admit it. I am OBSESSED with Polyvore. When I was little, I used to constantly go on various sites which allowed me to dress up celebrities! If you weren't like me and you didn't go on these sites this probably sounds really creepy but oh well!
Polyvore is exactly this but you do not dress up celebrities (damn). I go on this site constantly and you can link your posts to your blogger, Facebook, tumblr, Pinterest, twitter etc! Which is obviously really awesome and convenient.
Another reason I love Polyvore is because it is not competitive. It is all about the clothes, the style and trends. You can join groups which allows you to enter in contests and each contest is connected to a theme.

Please join Polyvore! Its an amazing site and I would recommend it to anyone.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Online shopping

Lately I have really been enjoying online shopping. I have been really into looking around and scoping out good shipping prices and which online stores stock the best clothes, accessories, shoes and other unnecessary items no one really needs!!

Here is a list of my favourite online stores :

▪ Nordstrom
Okay Nordstrom is obviously a dream store to every fellow Australian who can not access it so.. ORDER ONLINE! The shipping isn't horrible and my Rebecca Mincoff Mini Mac bag I ordered came in a week from America, which I was overly happy with it. Nordstrom also stocks a wide range of other products and I completely recommend this site.
- Shopbop
I adore Shopbop. I actually found this site because I wanted to order a Marc Jacobs laptop case and Marc Jacobs does not ship to Australia (typical) and this was the secondary site they recommended! They offer free shipping and my laptop bag arrived THREE days after I ordered it. So amazing!
- The Iconic
Unfortunately I can only recommend this site to my Australian/ Kiwi readers but never the less, the Iconic is an AMAZING online store. The shipping is above all else, the best in the internet world! If you live in Sydney they ship in THREE hours. So much easier then going shopping!! The range of items are really great and the prices are fair to what is sold.
- Asos
I really love Asos. I like the items that are stocked but I do not like everything on it because I do not think my style meshes to well with what is stocked. On the other hand, the jewellery is lovely!

Please check out these stores and tell me what you think!!



Giuseppe Zanotti leather shoes

Chanel jewelry

Chanel jewelry