Saturday, 17 November 2012

Online shopping

Lately I have really been enjoying online shopping. I have been really into looking around and scoping out good shipping prices and which online stores stock the best clothes, accessories, shoes and other unnecessary items no one really needs!!

Here is a list of my favourite online stores :

▪ Nordstrom
Okay Nordstrom is obviously a dream store to every fellow Australian who can not access it so.. ORDER ONLINE! The shipping isn't horrible and my Rebecca Mincoff Mini Mac bag I ordered came in a week from America, which I was overly happy with it. Nordstrom also stocks a wide range of other products and I completely recommend this site.
- Shopbop
I adore Shopbop. I actually found this site because I wanted to order a Marc Jacobs laptop case and Marc Jacobs does not ship to Australia (typical) and this was the secondary site they recommended! They offer free shipping and my laptop bag arrived THREE days after I ordered it. So amazing!
- The Iconic
Unfortunately I can only recommend this site to my Australian/ Kiwi readers but never the less, the Iconic is an AMAZING online store. The shipping is above all else, the best in the internet world! If you live in Sydney they ship in THREE hours. So much easier then going shopping!! The range of items are really great and the prices are fair to what is sold.
- Asos
I really love Asos. I like the items that are stocked but I do not like everything on it because I do not think my style meshes to well with what is stocked. On the other hand, the jewellery is lovely!

Please check out these stores and tell me what you think!!

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