Monday, 12 November 2012

DIY flower crown


I came across a tutorial for Flower Crowns on Rookie Mag and I decided to try and make some myself!
The tutorial was a lot easier then I thought it would be and I was able to buy everything for under 50 dollars.

What you will need:
Head bands - You can get these at most drug and dollar stores

 Fake flowers - You can find a lot of different colour and sized flowers at the dollar store as well as craft stores

Glue gun- Try and get a low- temp glue gun so it easier for your flowers to dry onto the head band. Get extra glue sticks in case you run out

Scissors (Optional depending on how easily the flower comes off the stem) 

Apply glue to the head band and stick the flower on top and continue the process across the remainder of the head band!

Tips: Apply glue to the headband first because it is a lot easier for you to adjust the flower etc
If the flowers are on a stem before hand take them off and organize your design before you apply the glue
Follow the teeth on the bottom of the headband for an outline of where you need your flowers to stop
Do not go further then the teeth (It looks really weird if the flowers are too far down)

Rookie Mag:

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